Hey! Welcome to my Facebook page Retirement is for Enjoyment, which I have just started. It will probably be a never-ending work-in-progress.

I believe passionately that retirement is for enjoyment and that all retirees deserve to have access to the insights, knowledge, and tools needed to create a truly fulfilling, purposeful, and happy existence for themselves in their twilight years.

On this page and on my website (www.paul-kennedy.com) I hope to share with you stuff I think will be helpful to you, things that will help you enjoy your retirement, do the things you’ve always wanted to do, and overcome the obstacles you are sure to encounter in your final years.

Like you, as a retiree, I have dozens of worries.

I am sure that you have these worries too, such as … how to keep physically healthy as you get older … how to stay mentally on the ball … how to enjoy yourself on a measly pension … how you can put off for as long as possible the loss of independence you’re sure to experience when you need a carer or have to move into a retirement home?

The list of worries retirees can have seems almost endless.

On the other hand, there are tons of things we old folks can do to enjoy a fulfilling and fun-filled retirement … sports … cultural activities … social meet-ups … old-fashioned family holidays … boating trips … cruises to faraway places … cultural tourism … eco-tourism … and so on.

Life in retirement is for living joyously and with the satisfaction of fulfilment.

Indeed the list of good things you can enjoy is also seemingly endless … provided you have the health and financial means to do it all.

It is my firm belief that we retirees can enjoy a great quality of life, no matter what our circumstances, financial or otherwise, if we develop the mindset, positive attitude and useful skills we need.

I know … I’m there and doing that.

Now that you have the freedom, loads of free time, you must grab the opportunities that lie in front of you.

“But how?” I can hear you shout.

There are many answers to that question. Here on this page and on my website (www.paul-kennedy.com) we’ll try to find the answers.

I say ‘we try’ because this ‘finding the answers’ has to be a collaborative effort. I can’t do it all on my own.

As a once-upon-a-time management consultant, I know how to undertake research, research that will yield deep insights into whatever we need to know. But I need your help. So will I receive it?

You must send me the questions about old age, retirement and so on that you need answering. I will research the answers. And I’ll do a good job! I promise!

Just fill in the form below and let me know your thoughts: