Boost your pension … here’s how

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What is the best skill-set you can easily learn to enable you to boost your pension … to have the means to enjoy your retirement, to travel, to do all the things you were planning to do once you had the time.

Is this you?:

  • You are a retiree and have found that your pension is just not enough for all you want do … now you have hours, days, weeks, even months to spare.
  • You wish you had the money to travel, see the world, live anywhere, explore the hundred and one places you never had time to visit before retirement.
  • In sum, you just wish you could rekindle your enthusiasm for life and enjoy your retirement.

A year ago I was just like you, beaten down by a measly pension and a load of debt.

Let me assure you that it doesn’t have to be like that. You can realise your dreams and aspirations by learning a very specific set of skills … online digital marketing.

Internet marketing

Here’s the story.

Online digital marketing is just a fancy word for selling stuff on the internet from your home office.

Learning and practising digital marketing will enable you to generate the income you need to enjoy your retirement.

It has done that for me.

Once you have the knowledge and your business is set up, you only need to work a few hours a day.

For a retiree, digital marketing is an ideal skillset.

It enables you to run your business from anywhere in the world provided you have a decent internet connection.

You’ll also make good money for little effort.

Won’t learning late in life be difficult?

No, not at all. In fact, it will boost your brainpower.

That’s what I found.

The human brain is a marvellous thing. It’s like a muscle, it keeps going as long as you keep using it. Proof here.

Fail to exercise it and it weakens, just like any muscle that is not exercised.

Neuroplasticity … research over the last 50 years shows that the human brain is very plastic, ie it adapts as needed to changing circumstances. This ability is called neuroplasticity. Proof here.

Just like a young child’s brain, the adult brain can create new connections, reorganize pathways, and even create new neurons under the influence of new knowledge and experiences. Proof here.

So, as a retiree or someone getting close to retirement, man or woman, you can certainly adapt to learning new stuff, even if you haven’t studied in decades.

This was borne out by my own personal experience when I started learning digital skills … even though I am in my mid-70s.

I too was worried at first but, as my rusty old learning skills got dusted off and upgraded, I soon found studying digital skills very interesting, easy to understand, and enjoyable in itself.

Older people find that studying is enjoyable and effective in boosting their brain health

While we older people may be slightly slower on the uptake, learning a new skill set is just as effective for us as it is for younger folk.

There are old folks in their 80s and 90s who are selling successfully online and enjoying every minute of their retirement.

Indeed, if you have just average intelligence, learning how to sell online is easy.

We retirees still have the mental acuity and skills to respond to training … in my personal experience.

As well as refreshing your brain, internet marketing training will give you the skills you need to generate an additional stream of income that in time is sure to surpass your monthly pension.

And if you choose the right business model, you won’t find delivering products to your customers, providing customer service and support a hassle because you won’t be doing any of that stuff.

What is the best digital marketing business model for retirees?

There are essentially two types of digital marketing business models … e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

In the e-commerce model you are selling you own products or services. This requires financial funding to source, obtain and deliver the products you sell. So, if you are in debt like I was, forgeddit for now.

In affiliate marketing you are selling the products and services of other businesses in return for a commission … with no upfront investment. Cost-free, except for your time, it’s your best bet.

Indeed, affiliate marketing is the best business model to boost your pension and enable you to enjoy yourself, which is what retirement is for.

And the great thing is that you don’t have to deliver the products or services … the merchants, on whose behalf you are selling stuff, handle all that.

You just make the sale!!

Another great thing is that the quantity of products or services you can sell is unlimited … and they are on sale 24/7, 365 days a year !!

So even while you are asleep you can be making sales and boosting your pension!


How affiliate marketing works

Affiliate marketing is a simple business model.

Basically, you have to set up a website and build a list of subscribers. (You’ll find free training on how you do this on the links in this page.)

Then you write reviews about products and services and post them on your website. You also send the reviews to your subscribers by email.

Your reviews will include a link to the website where your readers can buy the products or services. If they do, you’ll receive a commission.

You don’t have to do anything else!!


Becoming an affiliate for Amazon

Amazon sells millions of different products which is one of the reasons it is so popular.

You can promote those products for a sales commission by becoming their affiliate.

You’ll get plenty of sales because people love Amazon. Shopping on Amazon is very convenient and checkout is super easy.

All you have to do to become one of their affiliates is to join up as an Amazon Associate. You’ll find the details on their website.

Many affiliates are making a full-time income selling on behalf of Amazon.

What does it take to succeed at affiliate marketing?

A bit of hard work and determination for a start.

First, you have to build your skillset. This includes how to build a website that is attractive, how to build your list of subscribers, how to publicise your offers, and other elements of the required expertise.

Then you need to build your experience in affiliate marketing … choosing your target prospects (those to whom you will sell) and what products or services are suitable for those people.

Building experience and becoming successful does take a bit of time. It took me just over 6 months to make my first 10 sales.

It all depends on how committed you are to learning the skillsets you need and on whether you can pick products that match the stuff your target market wants to buy.

Once you’ve got your first 10 sales under your belt, you’ll have the experience you need to rinse and repeat and set up a steady secondary stream of income ... a stream of income that will soon exceed your pension.

This is how it went with me.


The benefits of learning affiliate marketing

As you learn about affiliate marketing, you’ll begin to see the vast potential for enjoyment during your retirement that it makes possible.

This will rekindle your enthusiasm for life.

There are many other ways affiliate marketing can benefit retirees. These include:

  • It’s easy to find products … as selling online is a multi-billion dollar industry. So finding things you’d use yourself and be enthusiast about is easy. If you promote passionately, you’ll get plenty of sales.
  • No startup costs … there’s nothing to prevent you from starting your affiliate marketing business at any time and you don’t need any investment … just a strong, reliable internet connection.
  • You don’t need to be tech-savvy … though it helps if you know how to build a website. If not, you can easily learn how on WordPress with the free training videos you can link to in this post.
  • Learning the skillsets you need boosts your brain power … as has been shown time and time again and has been proven scientifically.
  • Learning isn’t difficult … as you learn mainly by doing. You just watch a video and then practice your new skills. That way the knowledge you gain becomes almost instinctive and unforgettable.
  • Passive income … once you get going and have a few sales campaigns for individual products that work, you just fine-tune them now and then to make sure they stay on track.
  • Convenience … you can work when you want to and where you want to. In addition, you don’t have to worry about after-sales support … that’s your merchant’s business.
  • Operate as you please … you are free to choose your own sales strategies from the myriad ways you can market a merchant’s products.

In addition, you will experience a sense of genuine fulfilment by helping other people in their ordinary lives by selling them things that you truly believe they really need.


If you are serious about generating additional income that will allow you to do much more than subsist on a measly pension … if you want to get started without having to use up your savings … if you want to avoid having a cap on your potential income …

… then check out this FREE video series on how to become an affiliate marketer. It’s been responsible for helping THOUSANDS of retirees start an online business from scratch.

It’s totally free to register and receive the training.

You’ll find it’s completely void of all the usual hype and false promises you see online so don’t worry … you won’t get conned.

Let me know how you get on (

Kind regards


To avoid any misinformation, this post is based on fact-checked academic sources including (among others) the following:


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