Retirement is for enjoyment

Here's how you can make it happen


Retirement is for Enjoyment

Our wish is to provide retirees with the insights, knowledge and tools they need to create a truly fulfilling, purposeful and thoroughly happy existence for themselves in their twilight years

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Delivering the insights, knowledge and tools you need for a truly fulfilling and thoroughly happy existence in your twilight years!

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How to boost your pension

It seems that no one’s pension is adequate, neither yours nor mine. Indeed most of us consider our pension to...
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The amazing learning power of the older mind (you too can harness it)

Learning a new skill it one of the most effective ways of keeping your brain fit and able as you...
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How retirees should exercise to prevent cognitive decline (and for enjoyment)

Exercise is essential if you wish to prevent cognitive decline and enjoy your retirement. But what exercises should you do...
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Find out why the health of your brain declines with old age and how you can boost brain health

An active brain that functions well is essential if you are to enjoy your retirement. While science does not yet...
Illustrates the best type of diet for retirees

What is the best type of diet for you once you are over the age of 65?

What changes within your body as you grow older? And what is the best type of diet to keep you...
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How to get super-fit at 65+ and really enjoy your retirement

As we all know that once we reach our sixties things begin to slow down. In particular our physical strength...
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9 ways to stay super healthy at 65+

The key to enjoying your retirement is to stay healthy both physically and mentally. This means pursuing a lifestyle that...
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The 10 main health issues that can plague retirees

Retirees suffer from more health issues than younger folk. The main health issues that can plague retirees can have detrimental...
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How we chose a nursing home for our Mum

Deciding that you need to enter a nursing home is not easy and means swallowing a lot of pride –...


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