Rodeo Donkey

We seldom went into the big field across the road from our house at the top of the hill until the donkey appeared. We never found out who owned the donkey or who had put it out to grass in the wide-open field that covered a whole side of the hill and we had been warned firmly to leave it alone …..

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The Hole

A wide fast-moving stream branched off from the main river at Corbally. It ran swiftly around a low island before swinging back and rejoining the main course again. Next to the stream there was a large quiet pool. We called it the hole …..

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Stand by Your Man

John walked out, through the last gate to where Brenda was waiting with the taxi. He gave her a hug, pulling her up onto her toes, his large frame almost smothering her. He stood with his back to the high dark-grey walls for a moment before following her into the cab without turning around. Two years. He’d had enough …..

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