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These articles and stories by Paul D Kennedy cover a diverse range of topics childhood memories, Arabic folk tales, war, technological and economic change, the rise of China, Israeli-American relations, politics, investigative journalism, information technology, jihadis and female suicide bombers, the Islamic veil, democracy in the Middle East, Arabic culture, life-styles in Kuwait some humorous, some caustic, but most written with verve, style, wit and a degree of understanding.


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The Ox and the Donkey

Technological Transfer in Practice The Magic of the Information Age

A Day in the Life

Stand by your man  Laughing Guestages From Black Tigers to Black Widows Kuwaitis Invented Air-conditioning
Backgammon in the Evenings Then, Now & Tonight The Niqab & All That The World's Most Elegant Dressers
The Hole The Rumours were for Real Islam & Democracy  
Good Christian Servants The Big Change The Seed & the Soil  
Rodeo Donkey Tail Wags Dog?    
Lessons from a Unique Experience Hey Kids, Anyone for Chinese?    
The Visitors Biscuits & Morals    
  Infoganda & the Withering of Scepticism    
  Poor Bankers - Let's all shed a tear